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Specialized Courses

to help you get unstuck now

The Decision-Making
Masterclass for
Spouses in an Affair

Decision-Making Testimonials

"The Decision-Making Masterclass guided me through all the most important questions -- so many of which I wouldn't have even considered. It would have taken months of therapy to achieve this level of self-reflection and awareness." 


"Before this course, I only knew how I felt. I didn't know why I felt that way, or, most importantly, how to articulate it. This course changed all of that. Thank you." 

In an Affair

Finding Freedom
Affair Partners

Finding Freedom Testimonials

"This really was the most imperative step I've taken with the best results. Within one week I am on a completely different journey, and my despair has turned to hope. I can't thank you enough, Lauren." 

"It's impossible to articulate how helpful and transforming this course has been for me. Therapy has been supportive, but your course has honestly changed my life."

"For the first time in many months, I have hope for myself again that I can be happy, fulfilled, and live a life of integrity. What could be a greater gift?"

From Survive
to Thrive for
Betrayed Spouses

Survive to Thrive Testimonials

"Thank you for this course. It really helped me turn a corner after months of sadness and rage. I have even awakened a few mornings and not thought about the crisis for a few minutes. This is a first. I find myself returning to this course time and again for support."


"This course helped me understand what I'm going through in an invaluable way. I feel less alone and less confused. I have a toolkit now for how to handle the rollercoaster of betrayal."

Betrayed Spouses
Affair Partners
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