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"From Survive to Thrive" for Betrayed Spouses

Knowing the essential initial recovery tasks of a betrayed spouse can make or break your ability to navigate affair discovery. This course will walk you through what you are experiencing, so that you can better understand your response and experience. Gain important tools to address your emotional, physical, and psychological symptoms, and to ultimately heal and recover. The program includes: - Insights to maximize your stability and better navigate the confusion. - Marital Decision Making Guide - A toolkit of cognitive techniques to harness and reshape common thoughts and feelings after infidelity. - Access to an extra $50 worth of resources. The ability to understand their own reaction and to self-soothe is the ultimate challenge for any betrayed spouse. Ultimately, a betrayed spouse must be able to move through the initial crisis in order to be capable of constructive communication. The focus of this program will help a betrayed spouse gain the tools and practices to achieve that goal. The goal of this program is to help you stabilize during the initial crisis phase, which is marked by hyperarousal and fight-or-flight survival response. By committing to self-recovery strategies, the betrayed spouse will reduce their reactivity and be better equipped to make decisions about themselves, their marriage, and what is best for them. Users will have lifetime access to this program, including all updates and additional materials that are added over the time to the course. This program will deliver a Betrayed Spouse with the equivalent of numerous hours of support and techniques from Lauren and is valued at over $5,000.





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