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Services & Rates

High-Impact, Solution-Focused Affair Recovery Consulting and Coaching

for Individuals and Couples

*Each intensive session, for both individuals and couples, provides individual assessment, solution-focused feedback, and guidance on next steps*

Individual Intensive

60-minute intensive affair consulting session


Couples Intensive

90-minute couples intensive affair consulting session


Extended Couples Intensive: 3 to 6 hour intensive affair coaching for couples in crisis 

$1,895 per 3-hour session

* intensives are scheduled 3 hours with 30 minute break, then optional additional 3 hour session to follow the break. Second session is billed as a second 3 hour set. Any additional time is billed hourly.

* When booking, please select your desired session type and length, and availability will be shown. A valid Credit Card is required to confirm and reserve your time. Sessions are conducted securely and virtually, and your link will be provided in advance of your scheduled meeting. *

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