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Decision-Making Masterclass for Spouses in an Affair

The Decision Making Masterclass is THE course for married spouses who are having an affair to gain clarity, get out of limbo, and avoid future regret. The average divorce costs a minimum of $20K (not to mention division of all assets). If you are considering divorce because of your affair, this course is an important investment in your own peace of mind. For just $199 this course will help you: - Understand your affair, your marriage, and your choices with greater clarity. - Work through guided written sections and supplemental videos. - Engage with proprietary exercises used in individual coaching sessions. - Access to $50 worth of additional video and journal resources Resolving your affair and your marriage is a huge decision that requires careful reflection and personal discernment. This Masterclass will walk you through the most important questions and exercises to help you achieve that. It is an investment in yourself and in your own life that is most certainly priceless. This Masterclass is designed to help spouses who have had an affair and are struggling to understand their feelings and commit to a decision. Using each step as a basis for self-reflection and self-honesty, this program helps an unfaithful spouse work through their ambivalence in order to get clearer to their truth. Participants will have lifetime access to all updates and additional offerings provided in this Masterclass.





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