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Intensive Coaching for Couples in Crisis

"An affair is like a radioactive substance: dangerous and potentially lethal, but also a powerful agent of change." - Shirley Glass, PhD, 'Not Just Friends'

An affair requires you to heal both individually AND to heal your marriage. After an affair many couples stay together, and many couples divorce. The outcome isn't correlated to whether or not the couple has healed. Plenty of couples stay together without ever healing, and plenty of couples divorce when they could have healed. 

How can you take steps forward when you’re struggling so hard, stuck in the muck of confusion and pain? An affair is destabilizing; the destruction is wide and deep. Healing requires careful, intentional, and serious treatment.

There are few, if any, experiences in a marriage where each spouse is affected so drastically differently. Confusion, ambivalence, and uncertainty plague you both, but for very different reasons. Often times, the person who had the affair wants space, when the hurt spouse wants anything BUT space as they feel crazed by insecurity, fear, and mistrust. 


Confidential, experienced counseling and proactive coaching can help you and your spouse make sense of the event, discover and address the unique reasons the affair happened in your marriage, and find your way forward. 

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