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After the Affair

Lauren's Bookshelf

Click any link to purchase books that will help you to better understand what you are going through and assist in your healing. Read and recommended by Lauren.

Healing from Infidelity
The State of Affairs Esther Perel
Mating in Captivity
How Can I Forgive You
Not Just Friends
When You're The One Who Cheats
The New Monogamy
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Men Who Can't Love
This is How Your Marriage Ends
The New Rules of Marriage

Lauren's Lessons

Resources created by Lauren to help provide you with insight,
information, and practical guidance.

How Did I Get Here? Essential Questions for a Married Person in an Affair
  • How Did I Get Here? Essential Questions for a Married Person in an Affair


    Can't meet with me for a session, but want to get closer to knowing how and why you had your affair? Then this journal is for you. It will guide you through 13 essential questions that I would ask you if we were working together one-on-one. This guide is also a wonderful supplement for any client who has an upcoming session and wishes to give themselves extra tools and resources for thought. 


    The experience of having an affair can be surprising and unexpected for the person in it. While there may be obvious reasons for your affair, there may also be contributing factors that you seek to gain insight and understanding of. This guided journal will ask you essential questions to help you seek self-connection around your affair experience. 


    This journal is best printed out so that you can write in it, and kept somewhere private and safe. If you are unable to print, you can use the PDF for reference and use your own journal, or type your responses and thoughts into an electronic document of your choosing. 


    These questions are best returned to as freqently as you need to gain as much clarity and insight as possible. 

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