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After the Affair

Lauren's Bookshelf

Click any link to purchase books that will help you to better understand what you are going through and assist in your healing. Read and recommended by Lauren.

Healing from Infidelity
The State of Affairs Esther Perel
Mating in Captivity
How Can I Forgive You
Not Just Friends
When You're The One Who Cheats
The New Monogamy
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Men Who Can't Love
This is How Your Marriage Ends
The New Rules of Marriage

Lauren's Lessons

Resources created by Lauren to help provide you with insight,
information, and practical guidance.

Jumpstart Guide to Ending Your Affair

Jumpstart Guide to Ending Your Affair


This worksheet will walk you through four essential steps of ending your affair. You will be guided through the phases of ending the affair, and connect with your unique reasons for ending it. The prompts will guide you through concretizing your committment to ending it, and this worksheet is brief and purposeful because it is a process that will need to be repeated as often as necessary for you to to make the progress necessary. 


A couple of notes on this guide:


1. It might be brief, but the exercises are powerful when you take the time to focus on them. Sometimes it is the simplest steps with a high amount of commitment that's required to make lasting change. 


2. Use the Notes section on your phone to record your responses and reflections. This will help you have your reasons, behavior changes, and reminders with you wherever you go.


3. Use the mantras in each section of the guide to return to when things get tough. 


4. Expect it to be difficult. Give yourself tremendous amounts of compassion and grace as you attempt to extricate yourself. All you can do is be clear and kind on repeat. Your AP is a person, too. Acknowledge the significance of the relationship, and take responsibility in your role, your feelings, and your behaviors. 


5. Take good care of yourself. Do everything you can to take care of your body, mind, heart, and soul during this time. The better you care for yourself, the stronger and more resilient you will be.


6. It is up to each of us to change our own lives. Waiting for someone else or something else to change keeps us stagnant. Be the change for yourself. Practice change, bit by bit, little by little, moment by moment, day by day. You will slowly but surely change your life.


I believe in your ability to move the needle on your own life .  


Printable PDF will be available to you after checkout. 

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