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Essential Support for Spouses

"I frequently wished I could have amnesia. That seemed to be the only way I could forget the past. Also, I wished for time to pass. I'd always heard that time heals, but I never heard just how much time it takes. I didn't know whether I could last long enough." - Peggy Vaughan, Beyond Affairs

Learning about your spouse's affair has shattered you. All you feel is breathtaking pain, shock, and confusion. You're playing catch up HARD, working so hard to make sense of the nonsensical. 

You can't stop replaying visions in your head. Flashbacks strike at any time.

You're crazed by an insatiable quest for answers, details.

Where were you when...? Were you with her when you....? Was he the one who....? Did you....? Where? When? How often?

You NEED to know. And yet the answers shatter you further.

You may feel desperate for help, while also struggling to keep your private life private. You have a job to show up to, smiles to wear in front of friends and family, kids to raise, all while your marriage is ravaged by heartbreak and chaos. I know that getting unstuck feels impossible. 


While it's impossible to imagine now, I promise you that there is life after your spouse's affair. And that your life (yes, yours) can be richer, clearer, and happier than it ever was before. With time, hard work, and the right guidance, you can put one foot in front of the other and gain the wisdom and strength you need to heal. My work has shown me time and again that the aftermath of an affair can give birth to a life for you that is truer for you, the "injured party," than you could ever imagine. 

Should you stay? Should you go? And HOW? What do you do now? Our work together will help you get off the rollercoaster, move forward, and start thriving again.

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